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doctors wanted to perform on the unborn baby to do a surgery on his heart. >> we held on to the glimmer of hope that maybe there will be this procedure that would maybe give him a little bit of hope. >> take a look at had this. that baby recently celebrated his 1st birthday. his parents can't wait for more. now, the most accurate forecast. >> a beautiful day today. a lot of sunshine. again, a good-looking skyline. the temperatures not bad, though, chilly. a bit of a breeze out it towards the west. here is the shot downtown. dwi sits at 37 degrees. humidity, 48%. that dew point only at 19, and it it is a calm wind at the present moment. showing your headlines, another chilly clear night ahead. cloudy skies tomorrow, rain and snow, believe it or not.
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snow action across the area and two storms on the board we have to watch going into the next 24- hours and one going into wednesday and thursday. lookinga at the temperatures across the area. we are in the 30s now. middle 30s outside of the beltway. it is 45 in baltimore city. double to the east, you are at 39. we will see a lot of 20s outside of the city. a calm wind right now. certainly a 180 from where we have been all weekend long. gusty winds on side. that pushed up towards northern new england. clouds will thin out. a blend of stars and clouds. hour by hour forecast reflects that. clear skies at 8:00. we are back at 11:00 and it will be 37 degrees. we are 32 going only to 37 degrees. a chilly day tomorrow. we will await more rain and snow to move in. we are clear right now. if we pwrod ep out the shot we will see snow shots over new england and then more action
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towards the tennessee valley that is system although it is a weak system. so, clouds in here first and then here comes a chance for rain and snow. here is how the model maps it out. tonight, storms down to the south. by tomorrow afternoon, around 4:00, 5:00, rain showers over spreads the city on points to the south and the east. going towards the north and the west, just towards the 83. extreme northern carol and baltimore county, all of frederick county some snow going over to rain. not expecting accumulations but certainly just seeing the flakes flying tomorrow evening into the night. this system pushing off shore and towards the maritime. and then another storm. back down to the south and the west. another storm. tuesday night into wednesday. gathering intensifying and moving towards the southeastern coastline. it this is how we see it right now. we are in the early stages. this is track 1. a burst of snow wednesday morning going to all rain. it this is not a big problem.
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1-2 inches of rain. gusty winds, going out to the west. we have a model. just two models saying it will be a little further towards the south and the east. that would certainly make things a little more interesting. snow to rain back to snow. that would bring accumulating snow as you cross the area. we are keeping an eye on it. leaning towards the wetter solution as opposed to the whiter solution. we will talk about it on the facebook. got a good-looking skyline tonight. calling for a few clouds, chilly. 30 degrees. going into tomorrow. chill he, 40 degrees, 30s outlying areas with a cloudy day. rape and snow moving in after the 4:00 hour. and christmas eve certainly going to feel nice and festive with the snow and the rain coming down. otherwise it is a raw feel of 34 degrees. seven-day forecast looks like this. christmas day, good, back up to 46 degrees and then that storm, we mentioned, will be ad with mover,ed with morning,ed with night, 38 degrees.
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accumulating snow out towards western maryland, again, breezy on thursday, 43, a chill he 40 on friday. another storm by the weekend. the long-range models say a rain/snow mix once again. we will talk about it at 11:00. again, the bottom line -- >> nast flee yes. a a nasty seven-day. bottom line a little ergs vent tomorrow night going -- little event tomorrow night going into christmas day. >> don't expect to go she'ding on thursday. >> right now, no. no. just find it. yes. >> we willing following this week. thank you, mike. how much would you pay to reach out to ia stranger on facebook? they are going to charge people $1 to send messages to people who are not their friends. it be helpful for people who want to contact someone about something like a job and that charging would be used to help cut down on unwanted spam. if you used to be -- it used to be you would have to be a vip
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to be recognized at your favorite restaurant. now, everyone knows your name and favorite take and how much you tip. it is all stored if data bases for access the moment you walk through the door. megan bringel reports how they use those reports might surprise you. >> reporter: before you walk into a restaurant you typically know what you want. >> i hike a booth, close and personal. >> i would like my coke with no ice. >> unprocessed food, vegetarian. >> reporter: now, thanks to technology the restaurants may know it, too. >> it was all in the mind of an owner or materde what you wanted to eat and drink now it could be in the computer. >> reporter: many restaurants are keeping detailed records of their customers, ready to pull up and use the moment you walk through the door. idea is simple. the more they know the better they can serve. >> who does not like to go into a restaurant, greeted by name,
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maybe shown to their favorite tables. >> reporter: open table is one of those companies that provides data base software to restaurants. the information collected can run the gamet. >> it can contain birthdays, anniversaries, could contain no teugzs about allergies or dietary restrictions or favorite cocktail and bottle of wine. these records can contain information on how much you tip or how long you stayed at your table. not every diner wants those details >> that makes me feel a little uncomfortable. they know too much. >> they acknowledge that the prove icy issues are there and it -- privacy issues are there and they insist the intent is not to be intrusive. it is about using their knowledge to get the customers what they want and to return. >> you can get people to never come back again without them knowing it it.
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what you do is you make a mistake. if know they are coming with their girlfriend instead of the wife you mention the wife, that person will not and again. >> most of the times they will tell us it is to enhance the dining experience. >> table, booth, you don't want to be seen? >> how can you tell if your restaurant is keeping tabs on you? experts say if they are doing it right you will never know. >> the best way to use data is to make it basically seemless and invisible. >> reporter: how do you help the restaurant help you? it is simple. tell them what you want. be clear about it. if they keep everything on record you will only have to tell them once. if you book on a web site like be specific and they will save everying for you because they keep it on file. back to you. >> big brother is watching you eat. coming up, santa is updating his method of transportation. we will show you how the big
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guy traded the shaƔeut for a helicopter to deliver gifts to hockal children. -- sleigh in for a helicopter to deliver gifts to local children
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it looks like santa is trading in the sleigh and reindeer, even rudolph. he came by helicopter. flowing over north county high school to drop candy canes. there he is. a big bag of candy canes. don't hit the kids. [ laughter ] >> the church has done this before, though, with the easter bunny. santa sees you when you are sleeping and he knows when you are awake. now you can keep a close eye on santa as well. norad has been tracking santa since 1955, because they have nothing better to do. now, there is a norad tracker app for your smart phone or use google santa tracker to keep tabs on jolliy st. nick.
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>> all right. [music]
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they say one man's trash, another man's holiday decorations? taking garbage from burger king and turned it into a scary holiday display. figures from "christmas carol" that is a lot of work. i should not make follow-up of the guy. he says he is thinking about what to make for next year's display. >> wow. >> and as you are finalizing your plans for your holiday celebration if they involve garbage or not, we have is you covered. head to our web site and find holiday events for the family. local light displays and holiday dinner survival guide so you don't overcook the roost beef. >> get onion rings and throw them up on the tree sthao yes. the ravens were better today. who were these guys in the past
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couple of weeks? they had trouble. leading 27-7 over the giants at m&t. they get the north. they will get the play off. >> not bad. we needed the home win. now, i want to look at the brood picture what is going on. if you are going to get on a flight and get out of here, west coast is not a friend he place to be with the big storm rolling ashore. storms over the tennessee valley. right around mississippi, alabama. that is about it. no blizzards or major severe weather outbreaks ongoing. back closer to home. 35, back on tonight at 11:00. going into 40 tomorrow. rain/snow mixture for christmas eve. after 5:00 on christmas eve starts with light snow and then rain. then it cheers out of here for -- clears out of here for christmas day. then, another storm, wednesday, rain mixture, a lot of questions with that storm and we will talk more about that at
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11:00. >> no holiday for mike. >> no. that is all of the time for now. we will be back here at 11:00. have a great night
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